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nyth Planning Poker has been developed as an estimation tool used by agile development teams, who uses Planning Poker to estimate their work. Nevertheless, nyth Planning Poker is in essence a voting app. You can define how many cards you want to play with and the value on each card, so you can use nyth PLanning Poker for any kind of voting.

nyth Planning Poker can be played on most devices Labtop, Tablets and your phone.

How to play

The roles are quite similar to the roles used in a real poker game. A Dealer and a number of players. The Dealer select a deck of cards or create a new deck of cards. Invite players and deals the cards to start a game.
Each Player select a card to play on the table. The back side of the card is shown for Dealer and all players. When all players have played a card, Dealer turns all cards on table, so values on cards played becomes visible to all.

When cards are turned on the table, the result of the game are shown. The Dealer can decide to save result of each or some games. When Dealer ends game, by pressing the End Game button, saved results will automatically be downloaded as a csv file, which can be opened fx. with Excel or simlar.

After each game/round Dealer can initiate a new round with same deck or he can select another deck to be used.



If you want to be able to initiate a game, you need to create a free account. To create a free account,you only have to enter email, name and the password you want to use for future logins.
If you allready have an account, just login using you email and password. when you login, you will have the role as Dealer.

As Dealer you copy the url shown and send it to the ones, you want to invite as players. To join the game, the invited players just have to click or copy the url to browser address line. A part of the url is a unique identifier for the game. The invited players have only to enter their name on site shown to them.


The one who has the role as Dealer are able to:


When Player has joined table, he has to wait until Dealer has given the cards. When Player has his cards at hand, he plays a card by clicking the card. The back of the card will be shown on the table with players name below the card.
Until cards are shown - controlled by Dealer - Player can change his mind and simply play another card by clicking the new card.

When Dealer show cards, front of all cards played will be shown to all players.

Player can leave table at any time by click the "Leave Game" button. If he leaves, Dealer and other players will be informed, by showing players avatar in red on the table. If player close the browser tab/window or pres F5/Refresh will act the same way, as if he has clicked the "Leave Game" button.